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hey there!


I need to grab data from Azure Monitor to InfluxDB.
NOTE: I cannot use Grafana Azure plugin, as this solution by passes InfluxDB, and the data must go to InfluxDB.
I’ve tried to check Azure CLI, but it does not apply to Azure Monitor service.

Not sure about Telegraf plugin…

Any thoughts? Anything will be helpful…


Thanks in advance.

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For metrics data you can use the Azure Monitor Metrics API

You can then use a logic app, to periodically call this API and then ingest data into influx DB.

You can also diagnostic settings to export the metrics or logs to Event Hub and then have an adapter to read from Event hub to write to Influx DB.




Hi @Ketan Ghelani,


I was also checking for options to extract Metrics data from Azure to Grafana and came across this post.


Will the specified option work for a multi-tenant environment?

As Grafana does not support access to multiple AD setup using Azure Monitor Data Source.

I wish to collect Azure monitor metrics and Cost usage data [Consumption API] available and store in to an external Influx DB (outside azure) if possible then visualize on Grafana.


Hope to hear back from you soon.













Hi @adhiraj_g and @Ketan Ghelani ,


I am also looking for options to extract log analytics data from Azure to Grafana without using Azure Monitor plugin. Did you guys figured it out. how did you archived. will you please help me.

Thanks for the support!!!




@tschary Here are a couple links that cover some options for exporting data from Log Analytics: export to storage or event hub and export with a logic app.   Once you have the data in your new data store you can get that setup on Grafana.  Would you mind sharing why you don't want to use Log Analytics and the Azure Monitor plugin for Grafana?  @KayodePrince and I would like to know if there is something about the experience we could improve.



Thanks @ScottK206 for the information. I will go through it. We have seen some performance problems like slowness and connection timeouts to log analytics from Grafana using Azure monitor plugin.

@tschary Can you also share the details of the Grafana and plugin version being used? Please also review the Log Analytics user query limits and investigate whether your queries from Grafana may be running into any of these limits.