Azure Monitor - Centralized or per-subscription

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I'm looking into cleaning up log analytics/app insights etc. for our subscriptions, and I want to configure Azure Monitor (preferably with policies).

We have a few subscriptions each for prod, dev/test and QA environments.

I'm not sure whether it would be better to create a separate subscription only to host Azure Monitor for all subscriptions, or if we should have a workspace in each subscription requiring monitoring.


What would be the pros and cons for each approach?

Is cross-subscription monitoring supported for all workloads, or would some require a Monitor workspace in it's home subscription?

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Our recommendation is to have as few workspaces as needed. The needs depands on your business constrains, mainly around regulation. You can see all pros and cons in this article:

I would be more than happy to get feedback on it.

Thank you! Just what I needed.