Azure Monitor backend updates

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From Azure Monitor perspective, we’ve run into some problems recently, where the metrics table that are created by Azure Monitor in the Log Analytics workspace have been renamed/moved/deleted by the Azure team, so some of our custom written queries started to fail.

We could not find any announcements on any official channels about those changes, so I wonder if you are aware of how other customers handle this kind of  problem. There are MSPs out there with hundreds of customers and most likely have developed their own monitoring alerts, dashboards and such, that depend on the data stored in Log Analytics workspace, how do they manage at scale a change like this? Are they being made aware in advance about those changes, maybe because they have better visibility into the development cycle? Any other idea how we can overcome this? 

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I believe you are using Azure Monitor for VMs (Preview). Changes have been announced for months. Read more here:



@MichaelD2020 In preparation towards of GA of Azure Monitor for VMs we were making changes and have been announcing them frequently through the Azure Updates.  Please let us know if you would like some information regarding this or we can help in any way.

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