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before i get into my doubt, sorry my question is irrelevant.


I am trying to integrate Alerts with Servicenow for which i am calling Webhook action for my alerts. As of now i am using no authentication method, but it seems vulnerable at the moment. is there a way we can pass webhook action in Azure with any authentication.


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The URL of the webhook itself is the authentication. Also keep in mind that the webhook is generated by ServiceNow if I understand so it is a matter of ServiceNow question rather Azure Monitor question. But to clarify Azure Monitor Action groups does not support providing additional authentication when calling the webhook besides the URL of it. If you want to achieve higher security I would suggest for ServiceNow to look ITSM connections in Action Groups. As far as I understand for the flow there another method is used to reach ServiceNow.


hope you've managed to find a solution. have you considered using an external tool to help you with the integration? i use one. it's called ZigiOps. if you ever need to make the integration again, you can check it out.