Azure Log analytics with ITSM connector help

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Hello All,


I am doing integration between Azure monitor and ITSM connector. 


  • we are about to monitor the on-prem servers through Azure. 
  • Servers Registered in Log analytics and fetching the results using KQL query
  • passing the results through ITSM connector and it creates a ticket. 
  • But the ticket does not have the server name 

Please help to get the server name sent through ITSM connector and it should be updated in the ticket created in service now.









This is raising a ticket in service now. but the ticket does not have the server name and has all the information except the server name in the below schema.


the dimension value updated here in the schema need to be updated.

Check below payload.

Log alert for all resources logs (from API version 2021-08-01) 

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