Azure Log analytics functions disappear

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 I am using multiple functions in Log Analytics but suddenly tonight they disappear:





Although i recreate some for testing and save them i cannot use them in a query:


'' operator: Failed to resolve table or column or scalar expression named 'test'




Is this regular ? Is there a bug or a temporary failure ? Does it happened to anyone before?


I know its pretty weird but it is also unfortunate to have build your whole logic in analytics based on functions and realize that suddenly nothing is working because of that.

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@akefallonitis : Similar just happened to me. I am in singapore time zone and just few minutes ago it disappeared from my instance and some of my function based queries and visualization failed.

@Deepanshu_Marwah / @akefallonitis Yes, same thing happened to me as well, functions are visible in saved queries but not under tables,,,, this has to be esclated



We experience exactly the same issue today (North Europe)

Yesterday everything was working ok - today the functions no longer work.


Just as a test I've created a new function but I cannot refer to it from other queries.



@akefallonitis Same problem here in Northern Europe. All my functions have disappeared.