Appinsights analytics Query to calculate Avg Rps for given duration

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Hi Team,

Below Appinsights analytics query displays the RPS w.r.t time stamp for a given duration.

let start=datetime("2021-04-13T18:35:00.000Z");
let end=datetime("2021-04-13T18:52:00.000Z");
| where timestamp > start and timestamp < end
| summarize RequestPerSecond = sum(itemCount) by bin(timestamp, 1s)

"timestamp [UTC]",RequestPerSecond
"4/13/2021, 6:36:39.000 PM",2429
"4/13/2021, 6:36:40.000 PM",2292
"4/13/2021, 6:36:41.000 PM",2055

I need a AI analytics query that will calculate Average of RPS from above result and display output in below format
Metrics, AverageRequestPerSecond

Appreciate if any one can help on this

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