What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Ignite 2020
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Azure Monitor provides a rich set of enterprise ready capabilities to ensure you have complete observability of your hybrid environment, helping you keep it always available, reliable and performant. We announced a whole set of new capabilities at Microsoft Ignite 2020, helping you get richer insights for your Azure and hybrid resources, apply benefits of Log Analytics workspaces & dedicated clusters to Application Insights, and create/manage alerts more effectively.


You can refer to our on-demand Ignite Session to learn more about what’s new in Azure Monitor, and see demos of many of these new capabilities.


Insights for Azure & Hybrid Resources

  1. General Availability of Azure Monitor for Key Vault and Azure Monitor for Azure Cache for Redis, providing out of the box insights for these resources using rich platform telemetry.



  1. Integration of Application Change Analysis with Azure Monitor for VMs, enabling you to correlate issues with changes on that VM.



  1. End-to-end monitoring of AKS Kube State is now generally available in Azure Monitor for Containers. There is also a preview of Azure Monitor for Network Policy Manager for AKS.



  1. Azure Monitor for Networks now provides easy access to Traffic Analytics and Network Diagnostics tools for all your networking resources from one place.


Log Analytics Dedicated Clusters

  1. Dedicated clusters help you to handle large scale deployments better by taking advantage of data encryption at rest (with Customer Managed Keys) & Lockbox, and even configure cluster level capacity reservation with discounted pricing.


General Availability of workspace-based Application Insights

  1. Azure Monitor Application Insights now integrates deeply with Log Analytics using a unified workspace-based mode enabling you to store your app logs and your platform/infrastructure logs together in one place. Some of the enterprise readiness capabilities you can now take advantage of:
    • Data encryption at rest with Customer Managed Keys
    • Network isolation via Private Links
    • Capacity Reservation with discounted pricing
    • Data access control with LockBox
    • Continuous Export of App Logs to Azure Storage/Event Hub via Diagnostic Settings
    • Bring-your-own-Storage (BYOS) for code-level profiler/debugger diagnostics


Alerting Enhancements

  1. Resource-centric log alerts in Azure Monitor are now in preview, supporting any resource in Azure that has logs enabled, with a new experience that allows you to create alerts on multiple resources using subscription and resource group scopes.



  1. Secure Export is a new preview version of Azure Monitor ITSM Connector, allowing you to automatically send Azure AD authenticated alerts to an ITSM tool (partnering with BMC Helix as the first native integration).
  2. Native health monitoring with Azure Deployment Manager by integrating Azure Monitor alerts for health checks during deployments.


To learn more about Azure Monitor and monitoring best practices, check out the documentation and how-to videos. If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us through our Tech Community forum.

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