What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Build 2021
Published May 25 2021 08:21 AM 5,493 Views

Azure Monitor provides a rich set of enterprise ready capabilities to ensure you have complete observability of your hybrid environment, helping you keep it always available, reliable and performant. We announced a bunch of new capabilities at Microsoft Build 2021, helping you easily get started with monitoring your Azure App Services, and increase your IT efficiency with new Log Analytics capabilities.


You can refer to our on-demand Build Session to learn more about what’s new in Azure Monitor, and see demos of many of these new capabilities.


Easily onboard Application Insights for Java apps on Azure App Services

  1. You can now automatically onboard to application insights for your Java apps on Azure App Services for application performance monitoring, without making any code changes. App Service Linux, both code-based and custom containers, and App Service Windows code-based are supported (in preview).



Increase IT efficiency with new Log Analytics capabilities

  1. With the new Log Analytics workspace insights (in preview), you can get a comprehensive view of your workspaces through a unified view of your workspace usage, performance, health, agent, queries, and change logs.



  1. Query packs is a new preview capability within log analytics intended to make creating, saving, managing, and discovering log analytics queries simpler and more efficient. You can use these query packs to share useful log analytics queries with your colleagues and partner teams in your organization.



  1. You can now also separate logs data export between multiple destinations to overcome destination rate limit and maintain destination access control. You should be able to create up to 10 data export rules in a log analytics workspace and have the flexibility to decide which tables are exported and to which destination.


To learn more about Azure Monitor and monitoring best practices, check out the documentation and how-to videos. If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us through our Tech Community forum.

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