Log Analytics - share your insights with the world
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Log Analytics is a great way to query your data and reach insights.

Did you know Log Analytics allows you to easily share your insights and queries with others - right from the UI?

How to?

After composing your query, you can use our copy link menu to choose what you want to share:

Copy link to query menu.png


You can:

1. Copy a link to the query - A link to the query will be copied to your clipboard, recipients will be able to drill into Log Analytics and run the query you shared with them.

2. Copy query text - your query text and a link to the query will be copied to the clipboard.

3. Copy results - your result set and a link to the query will be copied to your clipboard.

After selecting what you want to share, simply paste it in your favorite tool.

In my example, I used e-mail:

Copy query results GIF.gif


Please note, the recipient of your query must have sufficient permissions and Azure access to run the query.

Receiving a query:

When your recipients receives the query link, all they need to do is click it.

Log Analytics will open in the right context and will run the query:

Opening a shared query GIF.gif



Sharing an insight right from the UI is quick and easy.

Try using it today!

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