Log Analytics experience improvements December 2021
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The Log Analytics team continues to fine tune and improve our experiences.

Following the last update of our query experience, we got some great feedback from you - keep it coming!

We acted on this feedback and we are happy to introduce the following improvements:


Side bar improvements

The Log Analytics side bar is a powerful tool designed to help you find exactly what you need. Queries, Tables and functions are easy to discover using the side bar's advanced search, filter and group by functions.

Following your feedback we have added a feature that allows the side bar to 'remember' it's configuration.
When you open a new tab, the side bar will remember settings for filter and group by from your last tab and simply carry them over to the new tab.

This allows for a continuous work experience keeping the context of your work when you open new tabs.

Log Analytics query improvements save sidebar settings.gif  


Select the behavior of double clicking a query

Clicking a query in the sidebar adds the query text to the existing tab.

Some of you have asked for additional control over the functionality of double click - and we listened.

You can now choose the behavior of double clicking a query in the side bar.

To configure this setting, go to the Log Analytics settings menu on the top right hand side of your Log Analytics screen:
Log Analytics settings.png

In the 'Tables pane' section you will now be able to choose if double clicking a query adds the query text to an existing tab or opens a brand new tab with the query selected:

Select double click on query behavior.png


We hope this allows for greater flexibility and a more tailored workflow that better suites the various needs of our many different users.

Use Keyboard shortcuts to save a query

Another minor yet significant improvement we introduced is using the CTRL+S keyboard shortcut to save a query.

Use this shortcut to save your query when working on it or to save a new Query Packs query.

Summary and Feedback

We hope these improvements and refinements will help you achieve more with Log Analytics.

Your feedback helps us in creating better experiences for you!

Comment on this blog post and let us know what you think of these changes.

You may also use our in-app feedback feature to provide us with additional feedbacks:

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