General Availability: Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus
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Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus is a fully managed Prometheus compatible service from Azure Monitor that delivers the best of what you like about the open-source ecosystem while automating complex tasks such as scaling, high-availability, and 18 months of data retention.


With general availability today, Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus offers fully managed collection, storage, rule evaluation, and querying of Prometheus data. The metrics time-series database leverages the same platform used by Azure Monitor Metrics, which we extended to handle Prometheus metrics in their native format. It supports a cloud-native approach to monitoring your Kubernetes environment and is an integral component for observing your containerized workloads.


Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus overview diagramAzure Monitor managed service for Prometheus overview diagram


Since its launch it has been widely adopted by our customers who have provided incredible feedback that has helped us to prioritize where to enhance the offering and its capabilities. Today at Microsoft Build 2023 we are excited to announce that Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus is now generally available.


DocuSign needed an observability solution that ticked all the boxes: user-friendly, low maintenance, scalable, and extensible. Azure Managed Prometheus & Azure Managed Grafana emerged as the ideal choice. By using this solution, DocuSign not only streamlined monitoring and observability, but also effortlessly scaled to meet expanding requirements. Azure Managed Prometheus and Azure Managed Grafana have revolutionized our operations, delivering a powerful and cost-effective observability solution.” 

- DocuSign 



“Azure managed service for Prometheus has enhanced our operational efficiency, reduced maintenance needs and increased the stability of our monitoring platform. With the ability to centralize our monitoring through the seamless integration to multiple AKS Kubernetes clusters, we have gained a holistic view of our infrastructure health. Combined with Azure Managed Grafana, it’s an indispensable monitoring solution we wouldn’t want to be without.” 

- Hamza Tumturk, Head of DevOps - WEJO


What’s New


  • Managed collection from Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters (in addition to our existing managed collector for Azure Kubernetes Service clusters)
  • Our Azure Kubernetes Service add-on now supports collection from Windows nodes
  • Support for Private Link for ingestion of data and querying data over your virtual network
  • Azure Managed Grafana supports query the data over a Managed Private Endpoint
  • Ability to enable Managed Prometheus as part of creating an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
  • Native support in the KEDA Prometheus scaler for Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus
  • General purpose AAD authentication sidecar to support other projects that need to ingest data into or query data from Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus
  • Query your data from the Azure portal, our query API, Managed Grafana, and self-managed Grafana
  • Updates to default service limits (e.g. default limit of 500 rule groups per Azure Monitor workspace)
  • More regions and clouds, including US Gov Virginia and seven additional public regions. Refer to the Azure Monitor region availability for details.


What’s next


While we have addressed many of the key asks with our GA release, we have no shortage of opportunities to improve upon the offering and expand upon its use cases. A few of the items in the queue include:


  • Support for additional methods for managing your scrape configuration
  • UX in the Azure Portal to create and manage your rule groups, recording rules, and alert rules
  • Contributions to the open source Prometheus project related to the authentication options we support
  • Additional resources for getting started, including recommended alert rules for your Azure Kubernetes Service clusters
  • And many more areas of investment ... if you have an ask, please post a new idea in our Azure Monitor feedback forum under the category 'Managed Prometheus'


Lets get started


We strive to make it simple to get started with using the service whether that be enabling collection as part of creating your Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, onboarding from within Azure Monitor, or using our Terraform template to manage your configuration as code. Our goal is to align with your workflow.


Already available in 11 public regions, we have started rolling out the service in the new regions today. To get started, you can either search for "Managed Prometheus" in the Azure Portal or refer to our documentation.


Interested in learning more about cloud-native solutions from Azure Monitor? Please take a look at this customer story and our blog post about accelerating your cloud-native journey with Azure monitor.


The service is currently free to use, with billing set to begin on 8/1/2023. Pricing for Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus is based upon data ingested and queried. Data is retained for 18 months at no extra charge. For details, refer to the Metrics tab on the Azure Monitor pricing page.

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