Enhanced Dashboard experiences for Azure Monitor Log Analytics
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Azure dashboards are a quick and easy way to create a single pane of glass to monitor your Azure estate.

Log Analytics allows pinning of query results and visualizations to an Azure Dashboard for easy monitoring.

See Create and share dashboards of Log Analytics data to learn more.
The team is happy to introduce the following improvements to the Log Analytics dashboard experience:


New Dashboard editing experience:

We have upgraded our dashboard part editing experience.
When editing a dashboard part - you will enjoy a full "Log Analytics" experience allowing you to update your queries and visualizations - right from your dashboard:
The new dashboard part editing experince.gif



The new editing experience leverages Log Analytics' new visualization UI to allow better control of your pinned dashboard parts.

Time filter warnings in Dashboard:

Log Analytics queries may contain specific time definitions that may conflict with the Dashboard's general time scope.

For example, you may want the dashboard to show the last 24 hours worth of data, but have one part show data from the last week.

This might cause issues where the time scope of a pinned part is unclear.

To address this we have added a visual indication to help users understand the time scoping of specific pinned part, if it's different from the general dashboard scope.

Dashboard time warning time range is different then Dashbaord time.png









We appreciate your feedback! comment on this blog post and let us know what you think of the this feature.

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