Virtual Network in Azure. Please Explain

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Hi All,


What does it mean when we say Azure uses Virtual Networking?

How does software defined networking work?

End of the scene, we interact with cloud through physical networking only. How is the boundary maintained in the cloud?

Please provide some resources to understand the layout of virtual networking in cloud

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Here you find the details but you should have sound understand of Azure Networking.
In simple terms I would call virtual Network vNets a single or a collection of vLAN
  • Virtual network (VNet) is a representation of your own network in the cloud. It enables Azure resources the ability to communicate with one another, communicate to the internet, and communicate to on-prem resources securely. Here is a link to list of documentation for your review:
  • Software defined networking (SDN) works by abstracting applications and workloads from the underlying physical network. The management plane, control plane, and data plane are not bound to the network devices as SDN offers virtual abstractions for physical networking components including IP addresses, switches, and load balancers. More info about SDN:
  • If you're looking at connecting to the cloud using a private connection, Azure ExpressRoute offers layer 3 connectivity between on-prem and the Microsoft cloud. This allows you to extend your on-prem network over a private connection through a connectivity provider. This FAQ on ExpressRoute is helpful:
  • I recommend John Savill's Technical Training channel on YouTube. Here's a video he created that breaks down the core functions of Azure Networking in an easy to follow along way: