Setting Time Limit on Azure Firewall Policy.

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After several hours of searching for information regarding "time limits on Azure firewall policies", 

I turned to chatgpt and it provided me with the following procedure.

Azure Firewall:

  1. Open the Azure portal and navigate to your Azure Firewall instance.

  2. Click on "Firewall rules" and select the rule that you want to apply the time limit to.

  3. In the "Advanced" tab, enable the "Enable Time Range" option.

  4. Set the start time and end time for the time range when you want the firewall policy to be active.

  5. Save the firewall rule and apply the changes to the Azure Firewall instance.

However, I can not find any "Advanced tab" to enable as described above.

Can one set a duration for which a firewall policy should exist in azure?

Such that when the time or date elapses, the policy is authomatically deleted.


Thank you.

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There is no such option or feature for Azure firewall policy. The only thing you can do is to manually delete it when it is not needed.


May I know you are using Azure Firewall Premium?

Thank you anas86 and Kidd_lp for your responses, and sorry for the delay in responding to your messages.
My firewall is Premium but as anas86 mentioned, I have learnt that there is no such feature in Azure now, and I resorted to deleting the FW rules manually.