Routing Vnet B Resources through Vnet A Gateway for On-prem Network Communication

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I would like to ask if it is possible to establish connectivity between Vnet B resources and the on-prem network by routing them through the Vnet A gateway. Both Vnet A and Vnet B exist, and Vnet A has an IPSEC VPN configured for communication with the on-prem network. Additionally, it is important to note that there are no firewalls present in this environment.


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This is doable. You need to peer VNET B with VNET A and use the option "Use remote gateway" on your peering settings and you should be able to reach on-prem.
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As mentioned by Anas you can do this and it is called transitive routing through the VNET where you have the VNG deployed. When you check the use remote vnet gateway in the peering then routes learned on that VNG will be propagated to the peered networks by default.

In case you have a filtering device like azure firewall or a third party firewall then you need to disable that option and configured UDRs manually pointing to the firewall or NVA IP address.

In the peering ensure this options is checked too:
Traffic forwarded from remote virtual network : Allow