Resizing a subnet for AKS

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When the infrastructure for our Azure platform was created, a virtual network was created with a network. There is a single subnet inside that is This virtual network is used by our Production AKS, so the pods are assigned IPs in that subnet.

We need to resize this subnet. In principle, it's simple, just a matter of changing it in the console and creating two subnets, for example and another

The problem is: What happens with the AKS when the change is made? There aren't too many IPs assigned to the pods, so they would be in the The gateway may still be the same, but not the subnet mask. Will it continue to work or will it probably be necessary, after changing the subnet, to restart the entire AKS platform so that the pods pick up the IPs from the new subnet?

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We have been investigating and it is impossible to do the resizing. Although the option appears from the console, as soon as you try to apply the change it indicates that it cannot be done since the subnet is in use.
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