Recommendation for Best VPN solution for Banking customer

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Hi Community,


One of our customer wants to implement a VPN solution that will direct all network traffic through a trusted location. The reason for this is they're a new start-up bank and will need 2 things.


  1. Some legacy bank solutions still require you to access from a static IP - but their devices are built with Azure AD/Intune/Autopilot.
  2. For home/coffee shop networks, all traffic must be securely routed for access to any web based applications


Customer considering the below solutions and they're looking to keep the solution within the Azure/M365 stack rather than integrate within any additional vendor networking, if possible.


  • Always-on VPN, deployed via Intune to devices
  • Open enterprise app VPN, once again deployed via Intune
  • Azure VWAN for directing traffic through Azure




  1. What would be best approach from the above ones?
  2. Is there any other better solution than this?


Any guidance would be of great help.  Many thanks!

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you can also use Azure VPN (Native capabilities) but you if want 3rd party My preferred to go with Cisco CSR1000v or fortgate which can address your above problems
Yes, have a check on this Github for a comprehensive guidance: