P2S VPN connection status would be helpful

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I have P2S VPN up and running with Virtual WAN with connections incoming. Am I missing something, or are we limited to only seeing the total number of P2S connections? I'd really like to see which connections are incoming to help with troubleshooting.

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I believe we can see only a number of connections as of now. would you mind sharing the design?

@ABWaheedIt turns out there are a couple Az Powershell commands which can provide a bit more info. I've tried the two I could find, Get-AzP2sVpnGatewayConnectionHealth and Get-AzP2sVpnGatewayDetailedConnectionHealth. I have not been able to get the latter to work yet, but the first one at least provides the client IPs in addition to the number of connections.


As far as the design goes, I created a Virtual WAN (connected to a Virtual Hub and vnet) with an IKEv2, machine cert authenticated user vpn configuration (p2s). Machines connect with always on vpn config and certs delivered by Intune. Not an easy set up by any means, but it works quite nicely.