Communication between vnets

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Hello everyone, I have 3 vnets as shown in the illustration. There is peering between them.

I can't communicate between Vnet 2 and Vnet3 for example.

What should I do?


                             !   Vnet1         !
                              !                 !
                              !                 !
                             !                  !
                       +---------+    +---------+
                       !   Vnet2  !      !   Vnet3  !
                      +---------+     +---------+


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You have to make a peering between Vnet2 and Vnet3
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Virtual network peering or connected groups are non-transitive relationships between virtual networks. If you need spoke virtual networks to connect to each other, add a peering connection between those spokes or place them in the same network group



Peering between Vent2 and Vnet3 if you have not Hub and Spoke