Can I create a point to site VPN without using cloud shell?

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I have powershell - no idea how to install the cloud shell module (and even if I could) I'd love to know if this could be done with the gui and no cloud/power shell please. My mind doesnt remember powershell commands but a GUI interface is better suited for how I think.
If I absolutely have to use cloud shell, how do I get it?
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@Boe Dillard  

You are able to do every step in the procedure link via the Azure Portal.
Except the "Create Self-sign root & client certificate" step.
This only can be done via "PowerShell", "Makecert" or "Linux (strongSwan)" command. As the documentation explains you over here.


The procedure you are referring to is rather old. Please look at the more up-to-date documentation over here.

Thanks - I got some help and it can be done without the powershell.