Azure Windows Desktop VM - Two Public IPs, One for VPN and One for RDP?

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Problem I'm actually trying to solve: I have an Azure Windows Desktop VM set up that I need to RDP into and then connect to a VPN on that VM. Connecting to the VPN breaks the connection because split tunneling is not enabled (nor will it be allowed). I'm trying to find a way to stay RDP'd into the VM while connected to the VPN.


Disclaimer: Neither networking nor Azure are my wheelhouse. And after burning through a couple of days of Googling and trying various hacks, I'm caving and asking here. ;)


My latest attempt at getting this to work involves configuring two NICs in the VM and giving each a public IP, along with each being on a separate private/internal subnet. The thought being that I could get the VPN to use one NIC while I RDP through the other interface (kind of like a management network on a server). However, the network gods are laughing at my feeble attempt.


I can RDP into either of the public IPs, but as soon as the VPN connects, I'm booted from the RDP. I imagine that, at least in part, this has to do with the fact that the Windows route table shows two default routes: one over each of the interfaces.


So, I have to ask...has anyone here been able to successfully pull something like this off? Or without split tunnel, am I just wasting my time?



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