Azure Site-to-Site and O365

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Hi All!


I've got an interest task from above - create S2S VPN between Azure and on-prem infrastructure.

We have a pilot project - send traffic from isolated on-prem network (without internet access) to Azure VM. This is basically clear, we need to create Azure Virtual Network with Azure VPN Connect and build IPsec tunnel with our Cisco FTD.


But my Boss also want to use that tunnel for Office 365 (E3 Subscription) activation at isolated network. I cann't find any documentation about this or even some clear explation about how its possible.


Is it possible to use S2S VPN for activation at isolated network?

Something tells me that my Boss doesnt understand correctly Microsoft Support dude.


Thank you in advance!

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I don't believe you can do that with S2S. I think it's more suitable to use Azure Express Route with Microsoft Peering and Azure Peering to achieve your goal.