Azure Service endpoint for Azure Services

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We have a use case where an Azure App Service and an Azure SQL server are both in the same resource group and the App Service needs to send/receive traffic from the Azure SQL server.


Would creating a Service endpoint provide additional security for this use case? If so, would it be in the form of forcing traffic to/from the Azure services over the Azure fabric instead of the Internet?


I've seen example for Service endpoints in which one of the resources is a VM with a private IP, but again in our case we have two Azure services talking to each other.



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Hi @Jeff Walzer, have you considered using vNET Integration with the app service? You will need to be on a Standard plan or higher, but you'll be able to communicate with the SQL Server over the Azure private network.

@Anthony_Norwood - thx for the reply and information as I will read up on vNET Integration with the App service.


The App service requires access from the Internet - will vNET Integration prevent that?

@Jeff Walzer - not at all, this should have all the information you need:

Re: inbound traffic, they're treated separately, so no impact to that. You'll still have an inbound IP address and FQDN to provide inbound access

@Anthony_Norwood - TYVM for the link as I will start reading up on this option