Azure runbook is failing to execute due to Authentication issue with azure storage account

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Iam facing one issue with authentication of storage account for automation runbook in azure.


Scene:- Runbook will runasaccount and its based on service principle.

This runbook will get the azurevm status and triggers to store that to storage account every two days.

Issue: Runbook execution is successful if I put networking as publicly accessible

Runbook is failing to store vm data in storage account if changed networking to selected network.

In selected networking, I added resource instance of runbook and allowed trusted azure service,

But still it is showing authentication issues.

I provided contributor and storage blob data contributor role to the service principle also,still authentication issue.


Any idea how to resolve this.

Note:I don't want to make storage account publicly accessible. 

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not sure but I believe you must have a private link to allow azure automation connect privatly to your storage
Thanks ,I got your point.
Will it affect other runbooks which are using public endpoints if I use private link?
I made private link then I ll choose selected networks and add subnet where this privatelink ip reside.
Is this correct to avoid this issue?

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