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I have put up a NVA (fortigate firewall) in a VNET together with a RouteServer.

The BGP connection is up n running fine - and I have the default route published from the the nva to the vnet route table...all ok.


But I do note that if I grab a subnet, within my vnet cidr, and add a route to it on my nva - this route is not published.. the same goes for the whole vnet cidr to... again - the default route is published fine. Is this by design ? 

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do have some more infos about your network design? do you have a hub and spoke?

It is just a single vnet - nothing else. 

I am not sure if this is working... lets call your vnet hub ...can you try to create a second vnet (as spoke) and peer that to you HUB? your NVa should learn that new vnet via BGP