Azure Inter Region Connectivity

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An Azure newbie here!


I have a Azure connectivity design related question.




We are planning to migrate to Azure with the Network connectivity as shown in the above diagram. But one outstanding question is how do we achieve inter region connectivity. Example Spoke Vnet1 in East want to talk to Vnet1 in West region.

The two options that we are considering are:

  1. Route the traffic between East and West though IPSEC to on-prem DC1 <---> VPLS <---> on-prem DC2 and then back to Azure using IPSEC tunnel

  2. Do a Vnet peering between two transit VNets in East and West and route the traffic via Azure backbone. Is this is a possible option? If we do a peering between transit VNets, can we somehow use that to route traffic between spokes in two different regions?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Interesting challenge!

Based on the info provided, both options will work.
That is Azure Gateways or Global peering .

In case not aware, get charged for Global Vnet peering, so bear that in mind.
So that might influence what you do as well.

Based on what I understand, you'll be able to route between the 2 spokes by allowing forwarded traffic from each side of the peering