Azure Firewall connectivity between tenants

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I am working on an existing Azure environment, which has a single tenant (we can call this AAD A) and has many subscriptions. I am working on a new solution, which will have its own tenant (we can call this AAD B), due to security reasons. Therefore the AAD-B will be segmented from the existing AAD-A. The solution will reside within a single subscription and have several VNets, Azure Firewall will also be deployed. The solution will also have a requirement to connect to VNets within the AAD-A. Would this need to be done through VPN connections rather then VNet peering and filtering the traffic through the firewall, due to the VNets being in different tenants?


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you can use Azure firewall but at the same time you can use vNET peering across two different tenants ref the below article

@Chandrasekhar_Arya Hi 

Would this solution still work if there were multiple subscriptions involved? 

Yes it will if you have multiple subscription .

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