Azure ExpressRoute Route Exchange from On Premise to Azure Cloud

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Hello All,


We are deploying ExpressRoute from On prem data center to Azure Cloud.

My Questions are as below

What are the routing options to exchange routes of on-prem to Cloud

Is BGP only way we can exchange on prem routes to cloud 

any example configuration will highly appreciated.


please refer attached diagram subnet should be able to communicate with Azure Cloud Subnet subnet 

what are the different routing  option and how we can achieve this ?


Please note : I am not asking how to configure ExpressRoute Circuit through Azure portal








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BGP is a requirment and must be used..
be default all routes will be advertised to your vnet where your gateway is deployed.. if you have peerings to other vnets you can define with that peering if spokes are allowed to use your gateway...

1. UDRs - you can assign an UDR with 0/0 pointing to your AZ Firewall to your spoke
2. you could use azure virtual wan
3. NVA and Azure Route Server


Please refer below Article, Microsoft does not support any router redundancy protocols (e.g. HSRP, VRRP) for high availability configurations but only rely on a redundant pair of BGP sessions per peering for high availability.


Azure ExpressRoute: Routing requirements | Microsoft Learn