Access to the delegated container subnet from the rest of the network

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Hi All,


We have an on-premise network: ONPREM-VLAN  which is connected to an Azure VLAN: AZUREVLAN1 using Site to Site VPN connection. This AZUREVLAN1 is in subscription-1. We have another subscription: subscription-2 which has two more VLANs: AZUREVLAN2 and AZUREVLAN3. AZUREVLAN2 is one Azure region (same as AZUREVLAN1 i.e. Australia Southeast) and AZUREVLAN3 is in another Azure region (i.e. In Australia East). We have enabled Vnet peering between all the three VLANs. We have also established routing from our on-premise network: ONPREM-VLAN to all the three Azure VLANs.


However, when we created a delegated container subnet in AZUREVLAN3 it is only accessible from other subnets within AZUREVLAN3. it is not accessible from any other VLANs (AZUREVLAN2, AZUREVLAN1 and ONPREM-VLAN) in the network. Here is the screenshot of that delegated container subnet:

Screenshot 2021-03-19 133835.png

Is there a way i can enable routing from the rest of the network to this delegated subnet?


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