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New Blog Post | Exploring Azure Firewall's Threat Protection


This blog post discusses the various threat protection capabilities that customers are leveraging to safeguard their workload deployments in Azure using Azure Firewall. Azure Firewall is a cloud-native firewall-as-a-service solution that empowers customers to centrally govern and log all their traffic flows using a DevOps approach. This service offers both application and network-level filtering rules, and it seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Threat Intelligence feed to filter known malicious IP addresses and domains. Moreover, Azure Firewall boasts high availability and comes equipped with built-in auto scaling.

While it may appear straightforward, the first line of defense can be effectively achieved through access restriction. Customers are adopting two simple approaches to bolster their security posture:

  1. Egress Traffic Blocking: This method involves blocking all egress traffic to the internet and only allowing access to specific domains that are deemed safe and necessary.
  2. Suspicious Site Blocking: Alternatively, customers can choose to allow all egress traffic to the internet while implementing measures to block access to suspicious sites. This approach mitigates potential risks associated with accessing untrustworthy destinations.



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