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I'm looking for confirmation as to whether my suspicions are correct or I'm a complete idiot. If I'm using AFM and it is deployed in West US, for example, am I able to modify policies in the event there is some kind of Azure outage in the West US region (let's just pretend complete outage for the sake of the conversation)? I'm assuming a managed service like AFM is set up with native HA/failover and would not be impacted by something like that wrong of me?

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Is this thing on?
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Hello Brant, that is an excellent question and I'd be happy to clarify this for you. Azure Firewall Manager itself is not a deployable resource and does not have a location that it references, it is purely a centralized security management service for your Azure Firewall Policies, Web Application Firewall Policies, DDoS Protection Plans, and Security Partner Providers. The resource that gets deployed to a specific region is the Azure Firewall Policy, but this is still considered to be a global resource. You can think of the Azure Firewall Policy as a construct, or image, that will be replicated and available throughout all of the Azure datacenters.


To clarify your scenario, if the Azure Firewall Policy is deployed to West US, and you use this to manage Azure Firewalls in East US, Central US, etc., and there happens to be an outage at the West US datacenter, the Azure Firewall Policy will continue to service the Azure Firewall's globally with no impact.