Windows 10 installed Application Inventory using OMS / Azure Log Analytics

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We use Intune to manage our users' Windows 10 devices. Whilst the old Intune client gave a full Application Inventory, the new Azure Intune MDM only lists "modern" apps for Windows 10 devices. So now I'm trying to get a full Application Inventory per user via OMS (deployed via Intune).


If I use the "Upgrade Readiness" Solution in OMS, I can get all applications installed (inventory) for all computers that have not been upgraded to the latest OS target version (in Log Analytics that would be under "Compatibility Assessment --> UAApp"). Unfortunately, the same data doesn't seem to be available for ALL computers. However, it means that OMS can pull / collect the Application Inventory from windows 10 devices.


Does anyone know of a way to get an Application Inventory using OMS for ALL Windows 10 devices?





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I do not think you can achieve that. Log Analytics has inventory solution but as that solution is primary for servers I think you will pay a lot of money just for that simple thing. As you know Upgrade Readiness is a free solution and that solution is not even using the OMS agent. Basically Windows is configured to send data to Microsoft servers and from there the data is processed and transformed and send to Log Analytics. With the Inventory solution (change tracking) you will have to install the OMS agent on all your clients. Again I do not recommend this because you may pay a lot. Your best chance is to request such feature from Intune product group. There is probably a user voice for Intune where your can log requests and ask people to vote on.