Update Management Missing Critical and Security Updates May-2018


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I have deployed update management solution and log analytics, and i expected that after the May Security release on 8 May 2018 that i found that some critical and security updates would pop up in the missing updates. but nothing shows up there and it show that all machines are compliant. 


Any idea how the Security / Critical updates are published to the update management solution? 


for now definition updates are only the ones that show up and being updated. 


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I think i found the issue, after reading carefully the documentation i came across this.

"The solution reports how up-to-date the computer is based on what source you are configured to synchronize with. If the Windows computer is configured to report to WSUS, depending on when WSUS last synchronized with Microsoft Update"


and checking the VMs found that they are getting updates from a wsus server that is not fully functional and has not been synchronized with Microsoft update for a while.


deployed another VM that is not bound to WSUS server and found that the security missing updates showing up.