Unable to view Signin logs in Log Analytics Workspace



I've setup the Audit logs and Sign-in logs from AAD to be sent to Log Analytics Workspace. The user has EMS E5 license. I could see the sign in logs being populated when i view it from the Azure AD tile. However ,when i click on LA workspace and filter for Sign-in logs, there are no results. I could see the Auditlogs in this LA workspace just fine. Not sure if there are any configuration i'm missing which blocks me to see the logs under LA workspace. Any suggestions?

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@Clive Watson 

I've checked all the pre-req's . All of them are met. I could see the Audit logs just not the Sign in logs.



If you have recent logs (within 12hrs) but nothing on this screen for sign-in a support call may be needed - unless anyone else has an idea?  I assume you have RBAC right to the Signinlogs table as well as Auditlogs?



@Clive Watson 


I have the same issue on a brand new tenant. I am able to see the SignIn logs from the AAD > Monitoring > Sign-ins blade, but it won't stream to my Log Workspace. I replicated the process with AuditLogs and it worked fine within 5 minutes.


The account is a Global Admin, so permissions shouldn't be an issue. I tried fixing it via Support today, but we were unable to resolve and it has been escalated. I'll respond here if I find a resolution.

Seems like I have the same issue. Was anyone of you successful in fixing the problem?