The Analytics portal is now part of the Azure portal!


The Analytics portal in Azure Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Azure Log Analytics are now part of the Azure portal. 

Read more about it in the Azure service update.

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The old portal would SAVE your query tabs across re-authentication, say when you come back the next day.   The new experience throws out all of your unsaved work.  Could we bring back the old behavior?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback, our Azure integration indeed has some differences, and that's one of them.

Since we know losing your unsaved queries can be painful, we'll next work on recalling your recent work - either by remembering the tabs and content, or through a History feature that will give you access to your recent queries (even those not saved).

When that's live, we'll publish a post on Azure Service Updates.

Thanks again - and keep the feedback coming!

Can we get an update on this?  I just wrote a pretty complex join over 30 minutes and on my final edit my brain made me hit F5 to run it...


F5 in this case is not like Visual Studio's "Start Debugging" button, in this case it's the "Please throw out my query and reload the azure portal with my kusto editor BLANK!" button.





I'm sorry for that Patrick :\

We're working on a fix these days that would remember your queries, so that won't happen again. I can't commit to it, but expect it would be out in the coming weeks.