Pin to Dashboard is not supported in this environment

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When I try to pin a chart through Log Analytics Workspace it says "Pin to Dashboard is not supported in this environment". It was working fine 3 days ago. I have changed no accounts, not subscriptions as everything is the same. It is blurred out and when you hover over it, it gives the error message "Pin to Dashboard is not supported in this environment"



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I actually found a solution after talking with the Azure team about this problem. It turns out that the answer was in this documentation. When you enable the Customer managed key for saved queries, the Pin to dashboard will not be supported and the prerequisites to set CMK was to link a storage account for the query. I had accidentally Linked them while playing with Log Analytics Workspace.

TLDR; Unlink the Storage Accounts from the "Linked storage accounts" Tab in Log Analytics Workspace

How about you do the same query in Workbook and pin that to dashboard ?

@shijain13 . It works smoothly with Azure Workbooks. I actually used workbooks when this problem persisted with the dashboard.