OMS log analytics "Capacity and Performance" CounterNames



How/where can I get the full list of counternames for ObjectName = "Capacity and Performance"


Specifically is it possible to query VM's running on hosts where we have the OMS agent installed for the VM's create date?

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The official documentation of Capacity and Performance solution is located here:

Under Review Utilization you can see all the counters that are being gathered. Keep in mind that they are not listed in their raw form but rather explained.

This is Capacity and Performance solution and not inventory solution so there is no information when a VM was created.


Thank you, greatly appreciated. 


I don't see an "Inventory" solution listed from that link.  Off hand do you or anyone know if can get VM create date (physical hosts we have OMS agent installed on)?


The link was for capacity and performance solution which is not inventory solution. Out of the box in any solution there is no option for tracking VM create date on Hyper-V in any solution or feature. Your only option is to try to find from where in Hyper-V you can get that information and upload it to Log Analytics via the HTTP Data Collector API. You can create some script or code that runs every 24 hours for example and uploads the data to Log Analytics. After that you can use View Designer to visualize the data