OMS Alerts no longer sending emails

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We setup some alerts in OMS to email us. It has been working great up until 4 days ago. We don't get anymore emails from any of the configured alerts like we have been. Nothing has changed in the alert configurations. We have checked our spam filters and folders and see nothing there as well. Is there a way to trigger a test alert email ? Or any ideas on how to trouble shoot this ?


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Hi You can easily troubleshoot this by creating simple query like this

search *

and use it to create alert. This query will return any data in your workspace so after 5 minutes of creation you should get an alert. I would suggest to disable it after getting the first alert as the query will generate a lot of noise if it is present. If you are sure that your alerts are generated but no e-mails are send you can easily check what alerts has been generated with query:

Alert | sort by TimeGenerated 

Every alert no matter if it has e-mail response or not will have a record in Log Analytics. If your alerts does not appear via the query make sure that your queries are really suppose to generate alerts. For example may be you are not getting alerts because there is not data or the values for the data has changed, etc. If you are sure that your alerts should be generated I would suggest contact Microsoft Support.

Thank you for your reply, however, it turned out to be an issue with the service. After working with MS support they were able to resolve it on their end.