New view in log analytics / OMS?

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So when I signed in last week my tiles in a dashboard had the option to display each column as a tile and switch beetwen then or the "original" view. That was really nice! Then this week.. its gone?


Anyone have any information regarding this?

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Could you please elaborate on which dashboard this feature was found on? The Azure Portal dashboards, OMS View Builder, etc? Any chance you managed to grab a screenshot? No one on the Log Analytics team I talked to knew about such a feature, so I want to make sure I can follow up with the correct owner.




I also saw the new Tabs option in the dashboards when you click on an overview tile, and navigate to the details dashboard probably also only on the custom dashboards that are created by the designer. but unfortunately it is not there anymore, i think like it was a testing feature for couple of days and gone.


Indeed it was really good, hope it will be back.

Small update: I found the feature an its owners :). Long story short, it was rolled out to a subset of users, and had to be rolled back for a bit of rework before we roll it out more broadly. Good new  is that we're just about ready for it to go out, and you should expect to see it in production again in the next week or two!