Network Query in OMS Creation

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Hi There, 


I'm Trying to create a Custom Network query for Transmitted and received Traffic from all the servers in Azure. 

from the query i'm getting results, but when i'm creating a new tile it's doesn't show anything. 

also, i want to add a filter that shows traffic only from the past hour. 


 i used this -

| where ObjectName == "Network"
| where ( CounterName == "Total Bytes Transmitted" )


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Hi Eldad,

First, here are two (identical) filters to show only data from the last hour:

| where TimeGenerated > now(-1h) 
| where ObjectName == "Network"
| where ( CounterName == "Total Bytes Transmitted")
| where TimeGenerated > ago(1h) 
| where ObjectName == "Network"
| where ( CounterName == "Total Bytes Transmitted")

you can choose the syntax you prefer, the meaning is exactly the same.

Regarding the tile not showing data - a bit obscure... do you mean a View Designer tile? does the problem still occur?




Thank you Noa for the quick response :) 


i eventually used this:

Perf | where ObjectName == "Network Interface" and ( CounterName == "Bytes Received/sec" ) and TimeGenerated > now(-10m) | where ( Computer == "computername" or Computer == "computername" or Computer == "computername" or Computer == "computername" ) | summarize AggregatedValue = count() by Computer
and i received this results in the tile - attached. 
and yes, issue still occurs. 
if i use your counter i can only see 1 VM showing traffic 
with the other counter "Bytes Received/sec" i can see all VM's
i want to have the ability the to see the traffic (send and received) with sparklines and not with dots as i sent you via attachment.