Monitoring agent in limbo



I'm having trouble connecting an Azure VM to a new Log Analytics Workspace.

It's in error state and i if i try and disconnect it just starts disconnecting but never ends.


Extension status for MicrosoftMonitoringAgent is "Unavailable"

Tried to uninstall the extension but that fails with "Error"


Tried to manually install the agent and but the connection status was still "Error" after giving it the night to get the right status"


Anyone got an idea of what to do next? 

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Yes, it is supported OS.

I hade it reporting to a Workspace, but now I'm trying to move it to another but it seems that something didn't go as planned when I tried disconnecting it.

If i use the powershell do try and connect it


i get 

Operation 'PUT Extension' is not allowed on VM extension 'MicrosoftMonitoringAgent' since it is marked for deletion. You can only retry the Delete operation (or wait for an
ongoing one to complete).


I'v opened a support case.