Management/Custom grouping of Alerts

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Are there any plans to enhance Azure Monitor to offer in addition to the existing capabilities ( Insights/Visualize/Analyze/Respond/Integrate) a capability to integrate Alerts in a “custom” visualization (with maybe some management features) ?

It is tedious to use the Azure Portal to filter alerts based on Resource Groups and Subscriptions – which model the deployment but not the business processes that are implemented.

I would like to be able to group alerts based on a business feature (use case) and not based on resource groups or subscriptions.

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Hi @emileer ,

you may consider trying to visualize your alerts using a workbook, based on the alerts data in Azure Resource Graph:


Can you elaborate about "grouping by business feature"? Can you give an example of what would you want to see?




Just an example - if I want to monitor my login process I will have alerts for:

- my web service (=> app insights alerts)

- app plan in which the web service is deployed (=> metrics alerts)

- some database (=> metric alerts)

It would be nice to be able to see all these alerts grouped in one dashboard, but since they are in different resource groups, you will need to have a custom view to see everything.

This management overhead to disable all these alerts during a dowtime/deployment or to visualize them in a "use case" driven way is high

This is reason why we are considering skipping alerting in its current form altogether (although we have a VSTS delivery pipeline in place and thousands of alerts deployed over 9 subscriptions in 7 data center)
We will probably only use the Analyze capabilities of the Azure Monitor together with a 3rd party Monitoring Framework.