Log Analytics visualizations update removes chart



Just got the "Log Analytics visualizations will be updated soon" message on my dashboards diagrams. 

When updating the charts don't show and instead only a table with the data. 

Doesn't matter if it is a timechart, piechart or a stacked column. Luckily the change wasn't permanent and could be discarded. 




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Same for us, this is a big problem as our usage of them is not fit for tables.
I hope this can be fixed before the "soon" becomes permanent.

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Hi @PatrikHansson and @IQndk .

Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention.

This was indeed a bug in our system and we have fixed it.

When you refresh your dashboard browser page, you should see your visualization exactly as you configured it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Please let me know if you have additional questions regrading this issue.