Log analytics for report generation

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From the azure log analytics, can we send out query output as a weekly or monthly report?. If not possible please let me know any other service that I can integrate with log analytics service?


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Hi, This is how I would do it.  I prefer a Azure Monitor Workbook and let the person/team view or download the data as required, its simple.


However if you do need automation, please use a Logic App (playbook).  This is one of mine as a example:

1. The Recurrence - sets the schedule, this one runs on Friday at 23:00

2. We use the "Run query.." to send the KQL commands and create a output.  I actually run two queries, as I need a Capacity report (shown) and a Performance report.  By adding a parallel branch you can do more or less.

3. Use an email connector like "send an email..." - as I use O365, to send the output to the desired people/team.


Annotation 2020-06-17 081316.jpg 
In my case in Step2 I used a time chart, you can see the other options here:


Annotation 2020-06-17 081751.jpg