How to send data of Microsoft Teams to Azure Log Analytics?

  • How to send data of Microsoft Teams to Azure Log Analytics?
  • How to integrate, connect Microsoft Teams to Azure Log Analytics? 
  • Have tried using O365 management Solution and also tried writing queries in log search to fetch reports of Microsoft Teams from Azure Log Analytics. But unable to fetch it.
  • And O365 management Solution targets only on Activities related to Azure AD, Exchange, Sharepoint & Operations. But not an Azure Teams.

Please advice


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I assume that sending data from Teams to Log Analytics you mean logs from Teams service to Log Analytics. This is not possible currently with the O365 solution. It is best to add this as feature request if you want that to be done of the box. You can also of course build some kind of workflow on your own that basically syncs the data from Teams to Log Analytics. Basically you will have that workflow running at certain period get the data from Teams via some API, PowerShell, etc. (whatever is possible) and send it to Log Analytics via Data Ingestion API. There the data will be in Log Analytics as custom data in custom table and format. I do not know if the Log Analytics team or the O365 team owns that solution but Log Analytics user voice is located here:


Hope this helps a bit.

On top of Stanislav's answer I would like to comment that we are planning to extend the O365 solution to pull also the Teams Server logs.

Meir :>

Thanks Meir & Stanislav.

Any plan and deadline on time & release timeline for adding of capability of sending Microsoft Teams logs to Azure Log Analytics? Kindly advice


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Any news in regards to this? Would really like to use this feature to get some insights.