Find new metrics


According to this post there should be new metrics available to see if VM:s are hitting iops limit.


I can't find them anywhere, have anybody seen them ?

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@PatrikHansson, I believe that this is it? Seem to match the description.




@Roberth Strand 

Home -> Monitor -> Metrics, Scope on a VM.

Metric seems to be missing for me.



Strange. I see the metrics in my personal tenant, but in one of my clients tenants it's not there. The feature should be out to all Azure tenants, I haven't seen anything indicating otherwise.

The best solution here is probably to contact support.

@Ketan Ghelani 

Not sure what you mean. That page shows how to use the metric (by choosing a vm and selecting metrics)

but I'm not able to see the metric for my VM:s the same way as the picture shows.



Created a ticket with MS support, didn't get a reply but now the metrics are there. So not sure if they did anything but it works now.