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Can someone please either confirm or deny...can Azure Monitor be used to monitor resources that exist across multiple Azure subscriptions? Thank you for any information.

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If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no.


Azure Monitor can be configured to monitor any Resource with any Conditions that you want, but when you save the monitor alert rule it is saved as an object in the same subscription that is selected when you choose the resource that you are monitoring.


Therefore no, you cannot use Azure Monitor to monitor a resource in one subscription from an alert rule in a different subscription.


Does that answer your question, or am I way off?

@PMorgan_1116 Hi don't really know what your thinking on monitor, but from my nearly no experience to Azure Monitor, you cannot monitor the resource itself from your subscription, however, you can create a alert rule , and send a notification to a logic app or a email (action groups) to your support team, on your subscription and send your alerts from another subscription to your designated "teams Channel", or send a email to someone. 
I know this is not the answer to your question, but I hope it helps you figure out what you need. 


Hi @PMorgan_1116  - Currently it's not possible to create an alert rule that is saved in one subscription and monitors a resource that resides in another subscription. Supporting this scenario is on our roadmap, but there's no ETA we can share for this yet.


As mentioned by @Orion Withrow, when you create an alert rule today, the rule is saved in the same subscription in which the target resource resides.

@PMorgan_1116 yes I have it working. The alert rules were created using a runbook, we read and alert off a remote subscription's log analytics workspace. The only issue is that when you open the Rule it says "The resource ... has been moved or deleted. You'll need to delete this alert rule and create a new one." but as I use code to create and don't rely on the GUI it works just fine. It also appears also that the Rule name has to be unique i.e. the name can't exist in both subscriptions. I'd suggest best wait until it fully supported.

@PMorgan_1116 Do you have multiple subscriptions under a single Azure AD tenant, or multiple subscriptions under multiple Azure AD tenants? If you have everything under a single tenant, you can scope to each subscription from your Azure AD tenant. If you have multiple Azure AD tenants, like an MSP would have, you can use Azure Lighthouse to see all subscriptions under your main tenant (you don't have to be an MSP to use Lighthouse, anyone with separate tenants can use it).


Also, you set up Azure monitor alerts in each subscription, and you set up a webhook as the action in the action group. The action can go to a webhook created on a runbook in an automation account in your central Azure tenant. Azure Monitor sends data in the payload, where you can extract the data of the alert. Then after you've extracted the relevant data, you can do whatever you want through PowerShell. You can have it send a Teams message, or if you have  a subscription with another SMS API messaging service you can send the extracted data over there. 



@sql-kevin, I have the exact same behaviour.
I wonder if we should worry about this or it's something already partially supported and included in the Azure Monitor roadmap :thinking_face:. @Harel Broitman @Ketan Ghelani @Orion Withrow 

Hi @khalidibnelbachyr @sql-kevin ,


Would you be able to share by email the alert rule id and a screenshot of the error message you're seeing (my email address is 

We'd like to investigate this issue.


@loadedlouie27  I believe he meant, 


Azure Monitor can consolidate log entries from multiple Azure resources, subscriptions, and tenants into one location for analysis together.


Is it true? If so, this statement is 'true' isn't it? "From Azure Monitor, you can monitor resources across multiple Azure subscriptions."