Azure Monitor Connections Video Mar 16, 2021


Welcome to this month's Azure Monitor Connection post. Every 4-6 weeks we'll post a new video sharing the latest capabilities with demonstrations. 


In this session, learn what’s new in Azure Monitor for March 2021.

This video includes discussions on:

Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection rules supporting a wider range of deployment scenarios.

Availability of new Azure Monitor insights

Network insights

Windows Virtual Desktop insights

ADX Cluster Insights

There is also a demonstration of VM guest health monitoring capabilities of Azure Monitor VM insights.


We’re actively monitoring this thread for your input so please do reach out with questions and feedback on the topics covered in the video.



Thanks to @XemaPathak for joining us in this session to demonstrate Azure Monitor VM insights guest health.

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hello, I really want to know more about monitoring Azure resources.
Do you have some links, labs or any other support that could be helpful please.




Check out the tutorials available on Microsoft Learn:


Check out the Azure Monitor YouTube playlist:

Azure Monitor - YouTube


Visit the Cloud Adoption Framework for a list of courses on monitoring in Azure: