Areachart of scale operations

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I am trying to create a graph to show the scaling of a Stream Analytics resource over time. I have log records at various points in time, when scale operations took place to a certain sku. When I render the graph, it shows lines incrementing or decrementing lines leading up to the next timestamp, but in this case that is not correct. The scale is the same number until the next scale operation takes place.


Is it possible to render a chart showing the exact value of the scaling, right up until the next scale operation takes place? The data now looks like this:


  TimeGenerated [Local Time] scaledTo  
 4/3/2021, 5:15:11.395 PM12 
 4/3/2021, 5:15:24.689 PM12 
 4/3/2021, 6:00:50.982 PM30 
 4/3/2021, 6:30:50.977 PM24 
 4/3/2021, 6:31:12.756 PM24 
 4/3/2021, 6:45:45.998 PM12


The graph in blue, and in red how the lines should be.




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